Welcome to the Polymeric Biomaterials Lab

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  • Cells expressing GFP
    Cells (with blue nuclei) expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) after a cationic polymer delivered them a GFP gene
  • nanocomposite
    Inside a Liquid Polymer Matrix: an unending web of nanoparticles and entangled polymer chains
  • polyplex internalization
    Nanoparticles (red) consisting of a cationic polymer and a DNA plasmid infiltrate cells
  • necrotic cell death
    Cancer cells under attack by a synthetic oncolytic polymer
  • tumor microstructure
    The aftermath of a solid tumor ravaged by a synthetic oncolytic polymer
  • wafer
    A closeup view of the vast porous network of a polymer wafer

Our mission

Our lab is dedicated to solving problems in medicine through innovative engineering of polymeric materials. We are committed to creating novel polymers with advanced properties, understanding fundamental mechanisms of how polymers interface with biological systems, and translating polymer-based technologies to improve healthcare.